Before starting the flatbed transporter, check the basic conditions to see if there are any obstacles around the flatbed transporter.




Before starting the flatbed truck, check the basic conditions to see if there are no obstacles around the flatbed truck; whether there are suspicious oil or water stains on the ground where the flatbed truck is parked; and whether the tire pressure of the flatbed truck chassis is sufficient. Tire pressure is an important factor affecting the transportation safety of flatbed trucks, because the tires will compress and expand during transportation, which is the so-called tire deformation, especially when the tire pressure is low and the vehicle speed is high, this phenomenon is even more serious. Obviously, the internal temperature of the tire at this time is abnormally high, which may cause the separation of the rubber layer and the cover layer, or the breaking and scattering of the outer tread rubber, which may cause a tire blowout and cause a vehicle accident. Therefore, in any case, the tire pressure of the flatbed transport vehicle must be guaranteed to the specified value in the manufacturer's standard. Appropriate tire pressure also has a great impact on the fuel economy of flatbed trucks. Improper tire pressure will increase the rolling resistance of the flatbed truck tires, thereby increasing the fuel consumption of the flatbed truck.

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